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3DIG designed a two-way broadband communications capability within Motorola's next generation interactive set-top unit.  This capability provides for a TCP/IP interface, and includes the ability to download new software into the box.  This capability is unique in that it operates well in an environment that has no significant error detection capabilities.  This project was wholly subcontracted out to 3DIG and managed internally, in turn saving Motorola 30% on projected internal development costs.


3DIG designed, developed, and integrated a communications subsystem for the aviation and communications giant.  This subsystem was developed under the strictest development standards existing, DO-178B.  3DIG also plays an ongoing support and training role for Orbital Sciences staff.


3DIG designed various components for the CFT-2200 advanced interactive set-top.  Among them were: GUI for the Music Choice add-on, Program Timers, performance enhancements, TCP/IP development, and various other smaller sub-systems.  3DIG worked closely with GI engineering staff for all of these enhancements as a remote, yet integrated team.3DIG staff was responsible for the design and development of ARINC's next generation aviation communications ground processor.  This system was designed with load-balanced distributed processing and meets the highest availability requirements seen in the industry today.  This system handles the digital traffic (3 million Msgs/day) for all commercial aircraft and plays a critical part in both flight safety and on-time departures.


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