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Our professionals will take you through nine easy steps in achieving an accurate and realizable development estimate:


To start the ball rolling, tell us your overall requirements and we'll contact you for the initial consultation.

  1. Initial consultation
We get basic understanding of what you are looking for and provide a "ball park" estimate for first level go/no go decision points.
  2. Product review
On a Time and Materials (T&M) basis, we meet with your staff and review all applicable specifications and requirements.
 3. Company operations
We do a quick assessment of any applicable resources, products, or procedures that might have a bearing on the development effort.

  4. Conceptual architecture
We create a high level functional picture of the product being considered so that we ensure all parties have a homogeneous view of the product.

  5. Development Process and Standards

No one wants to "over-bake" a product. Depending on your industry, the product, and your customer - the development process may require something close to a prototype, or something as critical as a navigational aid. We ensure that the appropriate process is applied to your product.

  6. Window of Opportunity
All products have a lifetime. We understand that your mission is to bring the product (or service) to market quickly and within any perceived critical time frame. Our mission is to help you plan a development effort that meets your timing requirements.

  7. Logistics
We will determine the level of interaction required with other parties, resources needed, and any offsite work requirements.

  8. Liability
We are prepared to enter into a fixed price contract so long as the product requirements are well defined. We can discuss your needs and determine if freezing the product requirements is right for you. 

  9. Final Estimate
All factors above are considered in preparing the final estimate. Software development estimates are based on metrics we have collected over time for different types of development strategies, and the various technical disciplines involved. For T&M contracts, we have always come in under 10% of the original estimate, barring product changes.



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