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We provide full solutions from the driver level all the way up to the application level.  Your development needs can be implemented on a variety of popular hardware platforms (including custom boards).  We can also port existing protocol stacks to your hardware platform, including the development of driver level software.

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We provide custom solutions as well as ports of standard protocol stacks such as TCP/IP, HDLC, and X.25.

Our favorite is TCP/IP.

We build board support and peripheral support packages for the 680x0 and 68360 processor family.

We have integrated our drivers with popular real-time OSs such as VRTX, and pSOS.

We specialize in designing high performance message based systems which minimize response time and memory use.

If raw power is a concern, we have experience with building transaction based distributed processing systems.

OS licensing is often too expensive for our customers who deal with high-volume embedded systems.

We specialize in building low-overhead task scheduling systems which include low-overhead memory management, timer management, and queue management.

We have experience building compilers and language parsers in addition to an endless variation of debugging tools.

Our engineers are experienced in every popular programming language including: C++, Java, and Perl.

Of course we are intimately familiar with the assembly language of the processors we support.

We will handle projects from the requirements stage all the way through to customer acceptance.

Customer involvement in the development process is completely optional.

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